In line with our overall ethos, we’ve carefully created a range of fun, interactive and reflective journals, notebooks, postcards and learning resources to inspire and support you.


Fun, reflective and interactive journals with purpose, to help develop your mindset, build your focus and find your fire.

Find your fire with FUEGO journals…

Fuego comes from the Spanish word for fire. It’s used in the English language as a term for something ‘excellent’, ‘sexy’ or ‘awesome’. The phrase ‘en fuego’ is used to describe something ‘on fire’, or ‘performing extremely well’.

Our 4 uniquely designed journals provide the ideal place to capture your notes from work, career or personal development discussions. It’s a personal, reflective journal that helps you to capture your thoughts and feelings, or as a daily, reflective diary.These are fun, reflective and interactive journals with purpose. Developing your mindset, building your focus and finding your fire…

You’ll also see there are a range of activities to get you thinking – your 1,3- & 5-year goals, understanding more about yourself, identifying your strengths and being more mindful.


Looking for something a little more ‘scribbleable’? Here's what will hit the mark...

The Fuego range is designed to help you to Find Your Fire…

Our plain sheet A4 and A5 notepads are ideal for to-do lists, drawing, planning and getting creative!


Wanting to send a little note? Why not try our postcards?

The Fuego range is designed to help you to Find Your Fire…

Our unique inspirational postcards with envelopes come in sets of 5 or 10 and are accompanied with Fuego sticker sealers.


Guidance to independently identify personal and business needs, themes and challenges and practical hints and tips to overcome them.

You may have heard of Game Changer already – fantastic! – but if not don’t worry, we’ll give you a flavour…

After Shaun Beck of ‘Inspire Ignite’ and Laura Colton of ‘Mosaic People’ found themselves collaborating on a number of projects, they identified key personal and business needs, themes and challenges that came up time and time again.

We didn’t just want to fill the gap with more business training, we didn’t want to write another book full of theories and models, we wanted to create something simple, easy to use and accessible to everyone! Game Changer was born!

Having both worked in the HR, talent and L&D spaces, Shaun & Laura wanted to create practical and useful tools that empowered businesses and leaders to overcome the challenges they’re facing right now that could be used as a stand-alone resource, all for an affordable price.

After shed loads of research, discussion, testing and feedback the first 6 Game Changer card sets are here!

Our first 6 Game Changer sets all contain practical hints and tips that can be applied in reality, not just old school models and theories….


  • Business and Team Success – for managers and leaders in small to medium businesses.
  • Career and Personal Success – for individuals who want to grow, develop and self-coach.
  • Great Communication – for anyone who wants or needs to communicate messages better.
  • Leadership Coaching – for managers and leaders who want to apply a stronger coaching style with their team members.
  • Leadership Success – for managers and leaders to identify the 12 core competencies that get them focused on success.
  • Recruit with Success – for managers and leaders who need to recruit and select the best talent for team success.